Minecraft Dungeons has been the most awaited game of 2020. Minecraft Dungeons is the new game made on the base of Minecraft. This game is more likely to be a different experience than the classic Minecraft game where the players loved block breaking, weapon crafting and fighting mobs. Its trailer was launched at the Minecon 2019.

Minecraft Dungeons

The original Minecraft has been a favorite game for players over the globe for a decade now. Initially launched on the PC platform the game has received acclaim and love all over the globe. The developers of Minecraft have always been following their motto to unite players all over the globe no matter what platform or device they use. In the later years, it is now available on almost all platforms such as iOS, Android, PC, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch.

The developers Mojang have always taken the initiative of adding new items to the game which have always made an everlasting effect of this game on our minds. Thus later this year there was the announcement of ‘Minecraft Dungeons’. Minecraft Dungeons will be released by Mojang and published by Xbox Game studios in the mid of the summer of 2020. Minecraft Dungeons Release Date is announced by Mojang. It is going to be released on 26th May 2020

The developers have already stated that Minecraft Dungeons will be a totally different game from the classic Minecraft game. Minecraft Dungeons is inspired by the classic Dungeon crawler games to be found in the market. The game will not have any option of block-breaking or Crafting weapons but all you have to do is fight mobs and collect weapons as you will progress in the game.

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons

What’s New in Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons will be functioning on a whole new platform. The game will be following a storyline for the very first time. There are some new things like there is an option of multiplayer. Up to 4 players can play the same stage. There are 4 different characters and Yes four parallel storylines on the game. Each character will possess a variety of things such as armors and weapons.

There are many combinations of artillery which comes with the characters you’ll choose to play. You can choose between four characters which are wizard, warrior, ninja, and defender. There are also many new mobs in the game but a few older mobs can be seen such as the skeleton and zombie.

Its basically an RPG game where you have play stages where each stage will have a boss. There will puzzle-solving and loots. In loots, a mob will be carrying some precious items and some parts for the weapons upgrade which the player will have to collect. It might be the mobs have turned into Bosses of a stage who will leave behind these loot boxes.


What is the storyline of Minecraft Dungeons?

The story begins with an outcast Illager trying to find rescue and a new home while he was wandering in the jungle. When the illagers from a nearby village banish him for being a maniac for his lunatic tactics. He wanders until he finds a Dungeon where he discovers an Evil Cube known as ORB OF DOMINANCE.

The illager gains magical powers and becomes the Arch-Illager. The darkness within his heart is awakened and he wants revenge from everything and everyone who had hurt home once. He and his evil army return to the villages who once had abandoned him and Runs chaos wherever he goes. Only the ones who are Brave and have a pure heart can stop them.


Which New Characters will be seen in Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons Characters

Minecraft Dungeons Characters

There are four new main leading characters in Minecraft Dungeons. There is a soldier, a tank, a wizard and a ninja. These four characters play In four parallel gameplay. Each of them has a different set of weapons. The plus point in the game is that you can play multiplayer in this game or you can go Solo.

What types of Weapons, Enchantment, Artefacts are there in Minecraft Dungeons?

In the opening sequence of this game, you see an Evil Arch-Illager whose dominating the mobs in the Dungeons using the ORB OF DOMINANCE. Thus there are enchantments in the game that will give many super thrilling experiences.


  1. Sword Enchantment: The sword is the primary weapon in Minecraft Dungeons. The sword enchantment will increase the attacking power and the players can keep on damaging the mobs but the drawback is the player’s shield are down.
  2. Hammer Enchantment: Then you have the hammer enchantment which will enable you to do huge damage to the mobs but on a short-range.
  3. Crossbow Enchantment: Then you have the crossbow enchantment which enables you to shoot multiple arrows at a lightning speed.


These are special weapons that are obtained after defeating a boss on every level up in the game. These weapons do huge damage but they last for very little time in the game.

Character fighting with Mob

Character fighting with Mob

The best part of the game is any of your Avatar in the game can pick any enchantment or artefact as there is no class of players.


What type of biomes will the player get in Minecraft Dungeons?

As the name suggests the game takes place in the underground so there will be only dungeons and dungeons. Dungeons filled with spiders and skeletons enchanted with powers trying to kill you and your teammates. Thus the setting in “Minecraft Dungeon” is Dungeons.


What are other additional features of  Minecraft Dungeons?

  • There are loads of features in the game one can find amazing while playing this dungeon crawler.
  • You can throw TNT bombs on the mobs.
  • You can use friendly sidekick in the game. There are multiple Golems in the game who do a number of attacks and protect you.
  • You can use the Artefacts to make a Healing circle where you can heal yourself as well as your friends in the game.
  • You could even use a poison powder Artefacts to poison everything around you causing them damage.
  • The most important thing in Minecraft Dungeons is the Map. This allows you to roam around and not being lost.
Minecraft Dungeons Army

Minecraft Dungeons Army

Which Mobs will be seen in Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons has every single mob we have ever fought previously. There are Skeletons,  zombies, spiders. There are Endermen too who play the boss role in the game. 

Beyond the usual ones, we have new mobs such as Necromancer which can resurrect dead mobs. Wraith mobs can set the whole arena in huge flames. The mysterious Ender Dragon may be also seen in the next update.


What is the cost of Minecraft Dungeons?

There will be two editions worth $20 for the base one and $30 for the HERO edition.

Thus to end I would say that Minecraft Dungeons will be launched in these platforms Xbox One, PS4,  Nintendo Switch, and PC. 

Minecraft Dungeons Poster

Minecraft Dungeons Poster

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