Minecraft Dungeons Version 1.03 is released on July 01, 2020, for all the players of this game on every platform. Every player wants to know the latest features added in the latest Version 1.03.

In this article, we will discuss all the new features added in this version along with improvements in every platform. Let’s start this article without wasting time.

Minecraft Dungeons Version 1.03

New features added in Minecraft Dungeons Version 1.03

Here, we have mentioned all the new features added in the latest update. This update is rolled out on all gaming platforms. You will have to spend a total of 321 MB data to install the latest update on your PlayStation 4. On the other platforms, the update size will similar.

This is the list of all the latest features added to this update.

1. Jungle Awakens

In this update, you will get the first DLC pack. You can purchase it digitally on all supported platforms of this game. When you will trek through three missions, you will reach the heart of the jungle. Here, you can find many new armors, weapons, and artifacts. This is only for the bravest heroes. So, make sure that you are a brave hero.

A new and unbelievable power source has also landed somewhere in the twisting vines of the dangerous jungle. The influence of this mysterious power is through vile vines.

2. News

Now, You can see all the latest news about Minecraft Dungeons on the main menu. This is a new feature available in the recent update.

3. Lower Temple

Lower Temple is a new secret mission. You can now discover new loots in this secret mission.

This was the list of all new features added to the game. Now, we will see all changes in the game.

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Changes in Minecraft Dungeons Version 1.03

In this section of our article, we will see all the changes made in this update.

  • In Obsidian Pinnacle, the minimum threat level is decreased from 5 to 4. Due to this you can defeat the boss with less difficulty and unlock Adventure Mode.
  • The explosion radius is increased by 50% in the Minecraft Dungeons Version 1.03.
  • Now, the fire aspect will do 100% more damage.
  • Poison Cloud can now do 50% more damage after the update.
  • Thundering will do 25% more damage in the game.
  • Attack damage for Pets is increased by 10% and there is a 50% damage reduction.
  • Attack Speed is increased by 15% for Llama.
  • You will get 25% more health through Iron Golem.
  • The movement speed of Wolf is increased by 15% in the Minecraft Dungeons Version 1.03.
  • Both damage and projectile speed base are increased in the Shockwave.
  • Healing is also increased in Leeching.
  • The stun duration of the snowball is also reduced in this update.
  • A lot of crashes and bugs are also fixed in this update.
  • There are many audio improvements in this version.
  • User Interface is also improved in the Minecraft Dungeons Version 1.03 Update.

Conclusion: Minecraft Dungeons Version 1.03

In conclusion, we hope that you have got all the information about this latest update. If you have any queries or questions regarding this update, you can drop a comment below.


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