minecraft dungeons unique items

Minecraft dungeons Unique Items – Complete Guide

In this article, we have shared complete information about Minecraft Dungeons Unique Items. We collected some of the unique items from the game. Find them if you can!!

Each item has its unique ability… it depends on you how you gonna use it.

Each item has its unique location; some of them have a chance to drop from blacksmiths on the way of your journey too.

Let’s get through all these items one by one

1) Unique axes:

Cursed Axe: A dual blade Axe, which would explode the defeated mob with the help of its unique spin attack tactic.

  • Firebrand: A fire enchanted one-handed Axe, making it a perfect weapon to burn all the mobs coming in your way. Like other unique axes, this Axe is also powered with spin attack skills.
  • Highland Axe: specially handcrafted Axe making it perfect for a rustic warrior. With the ability of spin attack and 360 slashes.
minecraft dungeons unique items
Highland Axe
  • Whirlwind: Quite similar to a highland Axe in terms of looks but something makes it different from other ones with the ability to produce shockwaves, Throwing back all the enemies coming in your way with spin attack ability.

2) Unique draggers:

Talking about draggers, they’re the best alternative for swords I guess!!

Fangs of Frost: A Dragger fulfilled with ice-cold blades with the ability to freeze enemies making them slower with. It is best for doing rapid attacks while doing co-op with other enemies.

3) Unique Gauntlets

Wanna transform your fist into the best killing machine? Give a chance to these Unique Gauntlets they’ll never let you down.

  • Fighter’s Bindings: These maroon-colored gauntlets fulfilled with rapid attack speed is best to encounter enemies with turbo punches.
  • Maulers: Wanna fight like wildly bear? These Maulers will help you to encounter enemies with rapid attack speed with each steady punch with the relentless combo.
  • Soul Fists: These special golden punches will help you to boost your critical hits. Featured with the relentless combo and increased ability to gather souls.
minecraft dungeons unique items
Soul Fist

4) Unique Glaives:

Best for melee hits keeping a safe distance from those creepy mobs

  • Grave Bane:
  • This golden glaive will provide extra damage to undead mobs with a combo of rapid longer hits.
  • Venom Glaive: This green neon colored glaive is fulfilled with the ability to spawn poison clouds alongside its heavy damage with wide-arc glaive attack ability making it suitable for longer hits.
minecraft dungeons unique items
Venom Glaive

5) Unique Hammers:

‘Hammers’, A weapon which most of us always wanted to have in the vanilla Minecraft!! Meanwhile, hammers in Minecraft dungeons are best to take down enemies with its big swings and making enemies pull in.

  • Hammer of Gravity: As the name suggests this hammer acts like a black hole sucking all the enemies coming in your way while having your friends close. Making it easier to slaughter them all.
  • Stormlander: This glowing hammer has a special ability to summon lighting to strike all the enemies with each deathly swing. This essence of power however adds up the demerit just because of its weight.

minecraft dungeons unique items

6) Unique Maces:

This medieval weapon is best known for its ability to deal with large crowd proving the ability of healing, knocking enemies with just a few hits!!

  • Flail: This weapon is fulfilled with the ability to bind chains with every devastating swing gathering all the enemies together.
  • Sun’s Grace: This golden yellow glowed mace will help you to deal with a close team powered with double damage and healing.

6) Unique Pickaxes:

  • Diamond Pickaxe: Though there’s nothing special in its name, for a sidetrack adventurer this diamond pickaxe is must to have. It is essential for sidetrack things like resource collection and gaining emeralds.

7) Unique Scythes:

This tool should be must with every soul gatherer

  • Frost Scythe: This cold-blooded scythe with crystalline details is best for soul gathering and providing slowing effect.
  • Jailor’s Scythe: This insane soul-absorbing scythe fulfilled with chain will help to chain all enemies in all together. This is great for both defense and offense. Like other scythes, this would also provide you +2 soul gathering.

minecraft dungeons unique items

8) Unique Sickles:

Facing tons of mobs? … This weapon is for you, this will help you to swipe enemies in cluster hand-in-hand.

  • Nightmare’s Bite: This green shaded sickle has a special ability to summon poison clouds dwelled with life-stealing type’s enchantments.
  • The Last Laugh: Quite a funny name huh? …this gold-silver sickle is best for looting. It’d boost your emerald earnings through the whole game.

9) Unique Spears:

  • Fortune Spear: As the name suggests… this spear will make mobs drop more consumable loot than usual. It is also the best weapon for long melee reach.
  • Whispering Spear: This cursed spear will provide 2 strikes at a time more often providing more attack damage at a time than usual.

10) Unique Swords:

There are a lot many swords to look upon… each sword is defined with unique different speed, power, and abilities that you won’t regret!!

Dancer’s Sword High attack speed and reliable combo
Diamond Sword Increased damage
Dark Katana Increased damage especially to undead mobs
Nameless Blade Makes enemy weak fulfilled with reliable combo
Broadsword Increased attack damage and knockback
Eternal Knife Increased soul gain and thrust attack
Hawkbrand Increased chances of the critical hit
Heartstealer Gains health from mobs with increased knockback
Truth Seeker Increased damage to wounded mob fulfilled with thrust attack and increased soul gathering.
Master’s Katana Better chances of the critical hit.

11) Unique Bows:

Minecraft dungeon is fulfilled with most insane bows dealing with unique enchantments.

Bonebow It Provides a longer range due to arrow growing size.
Bow of Lost Souls Increased chances of multishot with increased chances of soul gathering.
Elite Power Bow Increased damage range fulfilled with strong attack charge
Guardian Bow Increased damage range fulfilled with super and strong charged arrows.
Hunter’s Promise Designed to deal with pet targeted mobs with the ability to regain arrows.
Master’s Bow It’s the same as hunter’s bow with extra damage capability however it cannot regain arrows.
Mechanical Shortbow Fulfilled with accelerated fire rate.
Nocturnal Bow Ability to steal speed with increased soul gathering.
Purple Storm Increased damage and fire rate
Red Snake Dwelled with strong charged attacks and explosive arrows.
Sabrewing Strong charged attacks with the ability to heal the allies in a particular area.
The Green Menace Ability to summon poison clouds and can hit multiple targets at the same time.
The Pink Scoundrel Fulfilled with a chance to enlarge mobs and hit multiple targets.
Twin Bow Ability to shoot two enemies at once.

12) Unique Crossbows:

Referred to as traditional bows used by pillagers in vanilla Minecraft… they are fulfilled with unique accuracy and timing in Minecraft Dungeons with special abilities and enchantments.

Auto Crossbow Increased fire rate upon firing
Azure Seeker Increased fire rate fulfilled with faster projectiles
Butterfly Crossbow Increased fire rate provided with the ability to shoot two enemies at a time.
Doom Crossbow Ability to gain soul’s critical boost with increased +2 soul gathering.
Feral Soul Crossbow Increased soul critical boost and the soul gathering by 2+.
Firebolt Thrower Increased chances of a chain reaction with some explosives.
Harp Crossbow Increased projectile
Lightning Harp Crossbow It gives you the chance of ricochet and multiple projectiles.
Slayer Crossbow Increased power and ricochet
The Slicer Provided chance to fire piercing bolts fulfilled with faster projectiles.
Voidcaller Ability to pull enemies with increased soul gathering by +2

13) Unique Armor:

Last but not the least… time to talk about everyone’s favorite stuff ‘ARMOR’ fulfilled with most unique enchantments and abilities making them best to fight with any combat.

Archer’s Armor Improvised movespeed aura by 15%, provided more arrow storage and extra ranged damage perfect for combat efficiency.
Cave Crawler Increased 50% artifact damage, 20% weapon damage boost aura provided with a pet bat.
Ember Robe Ability to burn nearby enemies with decreased artifact cooldown by 25% and increased movespeed aura by 15%.
Fox Armor Increased chances to negate hits by 30%, weapon damage boosts aura by 20% provided with healing potions.
Frost Bite Increased ability to gather souls and with increased ranged damage fulfilled with the ability to spawn snowy companion.
Full Metal Armor Ability to negate hits with increased melee damage fulfilled with damage reduction and longer roll cooldown.
Souldancer Robe Increased artifact damage and soul gathering ability with increased chance to negate hits.
Highland Armor Increased speed gain after dodge fulfilled with damage reduction and more melee damage.
Spider Armor Fulfilled with life steal aura and increased attack speed.
Stalwart Armor Increased- damage reduction, chance to negate hits, and longer roll cooldown.
Wither Armor Increased damage reduction, soul gathering ability, and life steal aura.

That’s all we’ve got with Minecraft Dungeons unique items. For more Minecraft Dungeons news and updates, Stay Tuned!

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