In this article, we are going to fix the common problem “Minecraft Dungeons Unable to Verify Game Ownership” Minecraft Dungeons is finally out in the market. A game that every Minecraft fan will wish to play. While some players are still enjoying crawling in the game for hours.

What if I tell you, few players are facing an error message mentioning, “We’re currently unable to verify that you own Minecraft Dungeons. Please make sure that you have a working internet connection and try again” …while getting started with the game. I know this is problematic, and some players may end up regretting the money they paid. Though players have already paid for the Xbox game pass or the pc version of appropriate subscription, Still they’re getting the same error… “MINECRAFT DUNGEONS UNABLE TO VERIFY GAME OWNERSHIP”!

Minecraft Dungeons Unable to Verify Game Ownership?

Minecraft Dungeons Unable to Verify Game Ownership?

Regrettably, there’s no assured fix for this error, though Mojang is aware of it. This problem can be caused due to ‘server health’ issues. Since Minecraft Dungeons has much demand in the market right now that its server is unable to keep up with the users.


Fix for Minecraft Dungeons Unable to Verify Game Ownership

Though this type of problem is common these days, it has a tendency to get fixed by itself. According to some of the Reddit users, this problem can be fixed just by “tapping try again” ...Until the game starts working by itself.

Restarting or resetting your internet won’t affect it either since this problem is due to server error not due to your internet issues. Just there’s a need to wait for Mojang to provide an appropriate solution to this problem.

Till that you can try some of these solutions:

1) Make sure your windows 10 is updated.

To check and download the updates, you can follow these steps:

Step 1) Click on ‘start’

Step2) Head over to the ‘settings’

Step3) In the ‘update and security tab’, select download the update.

Now starting the game again might solve your issue.

If you’re still getting the error you can reinstall the Xbox Beta application.

For that please follow the next solution.

2) Reinstalling Xbox beta. 

Step 1) Head over to the Microsoft store

Step2) Search for “Minecraft Dungeons” in the search box.

Step 3) Install the game by pressing “⋮”

3) Problem with Xbox live account?

Yes, Some of the users reportedly have issues with their Xbox live accounts causing this error. Please make sure that you’re using the correct Xbox live account.

This fix may or may not work for you, it is highly recommended to wait for the official path of the game to release fixing “Minecraft Dungeons Unable to Verify Game Ownership”!!

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