Minecraft Dungeons is going to be an alluring addition to the Minecraft franchise, as Minecraft released Creeping winter and Junge Awakens some time ago. Minecraft Dungeons is rolling to the next existence of its phase according to their promise. They will release Howling Peaks DLC for Minecraft Live, Alongside a free update and a season pass are available for all Minecraft Dungeons players on all platforms. Here’s everything you need to know about Minecraft dungeons new season pass.

Minecraft dungeons new season pass: What is Howling Peaks DLC?minecraft dungeons new season pass

The Howling Peaks DLC is the third enlargement of Minecraft Dungeons DLCs and also the first to release outside of Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition.

This extension carries players to a bumpy zone loaded up with wind-based riddles, baddies, and dangerous new golem-enhanced leaders. There’s additionally a free update, similar to typical, that incorporates a massive load of bug fixes, adjusting changes, and six unique charms that any player can discover constantly.

Howling Peak and all the updates are live now. You can buy them either of 4 four groups or only the Howling Peaks.

Let’s talk about all the updates in Minecraft Dungeons new season pass.

Howling Peaks updates

• You have so many achievements to do now.

• You need to kill the Tempest golem to stop the storm.

• A strange power takes hold at the peaks. A Hero must be required to stop this or defeat it.

• New weapons and Aromurs are waiting for you.

minecraft dungeons new season pass

• Brand new six enchantments. (Included Free players)

Changes in Balance of various items:-


• Vindicators get locked on their own if you step back >15 blocks from them.

• Reduced charge speed.

• Reduced their melee attack from 3 to 2.

• Added new Behaviour “Taunt circle+Lock. “

• Added a behavior which makes them angry when hurt, standing in taunt circle.


• Looting enchantment now triggers the damage source (source including kills from pets, bow, artifacts, and any other damage source.

Sweet Brew

• Sweet Brew has been now increased time 20 to 120 seconds.

Totem Regeneration

• Totem Regeneration healing has been doubled from 20 to 40 seconds.

Soul Lantern

• Attack speed increased by 40%

• Damage speed increased by 50%

• Soul cost increased by 20%


• Now, you can find emeralds more because the spawn rate of emeralds has been increased.

• At the end of Apocalypse 7, you can find emeralds 100% in the sources like chest, pigs, urns.

Ghost Cloak

• Damage reduction reduced from 80% to 50% for armors.

Major Bug Fixes:-

• The sound of the Love Spell bow has been decreased.

• Hosts are not yet able to hear the sound of those far from the host.

• Miniboss music not get stuck this time.

• Fixed the sound of Creeper Woods Rune room.

• Fixed the sound effects of Dingy Jungle puzzles.

• TEXT-FOR-SPEECH is now available for merchant interface.

• Fixed the launching crash of Frosty Fjord.

• Flaming quivers now damage more than usual.

Fixed a crash trying to link Microsoft account.

• Quick equip- Functionality has been more apparent than past.

• Key Golems are no longer auto targeted by any bow or any ranged weapon.

•Fixed the cage opening sound effect in Bamboo Bluffs.


That’s all we got with everything you need to know in Minecraft Dunegeons new season pass. We hope thisblog was helpful. More more Minecraft Dungeons news and updates, Stay Tuned!

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