Minecraft Dungeons Lower Temple Secrets is a new secret level added in the game. Every player wants to unlock this secret level.

In this tutorial, we will tell you where and how to unlock this amazing secret level. Let’s start this tutorial without wasting any time.

Minecraft Dungeons Lower Temple Secrets

Where to find Minecraft Dungeons Lower Temple Secrets Level?

If you are searching for the location of this secret level, you will find it in the Desert Temple. Now, we will see how to find this secret level here.

For unlocking this secret level, you will have to enter in the Desert Temple. The best way to enter here is to enter through the map. So, enter the Desert Temple through the map.

Play the game until you reach the objective ‘Find the Tomb’. When you reach this objective, search for the Golden Key. It is essential for unlocking your secret level.

After that, unlock the Golden Gate and cross all the traps. When you will reach an intersection that is surrounded by water, stop here.

Minecraft Dungeons Lower Temple Secrets image

Now, you will have to find an entrance to enter into another room. Use the entrance to enter another room.

Inside the room, you will find three beacons at the corners of the room. Activate all beacons. It will reveal the bridge in the centre of the room. You will have to fight with many mobs to activate the beacons.

After activating all beacons, go to the center of the room over the revealed bridge. Here, you will find a map. Pick up the map to unlock the Minecraft Dungeons Lower Temple Secrets Level.

If you will follow every step carefully, you will unlock the secret level without any difficulty. If you are a beginner, play the game with less difficulty to easily find the map.

A Brief Introduction to Minecraft Dungeons

If you are not familiar with this game, we will help you in understanding this game. Minecraft Dungeons is a new video game developed by Mojang Studios. It is also a blocky game like Minecraft. The difference is that in Minecraft Dungeons, you will have to complete objectives and missions whereas, in Minecraft, you do have any missions, you are free to play, compete, and fight with mobs and other players.

You can enjoy this game on multiple gaming platforms such as Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox, and others. You can purchase this game for your gaming platform. This game is selling at a high speed after its release in May 2020.

If you have played Minecraft, you will definitely love this latest game from Mojang Studios. If you have not played Minecraft, you should try this game. You will love it due to its levels and objectives.

Conclusion: Minecraft Dungeons Lower Temple Secrets

In conclusion, we hope that you have successfully unlocked the Minecraft Dungeons Lower Temple Secrets Level. If you have any problem regarding this game or level, you can leave a comment below. You can read all the latest news and features of Minecraft Dungeons on this site.


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