Minecraft Dungeons Key Golem

Minecraft Dungeons Key Golem

Minecraft Dungeons Key Golem: Minecraft Dungeons is a massive game that is gaining a lot of popularity, currently very close to being released that is on 26 May 2020. The game is making a huge impact. The game is super cool filled with lots of cool levels, it’s a third-person view game. Kinda like a 3D game with a story based on which the games revolves.

Minecraft Dungeons Key Golem
Minecraft Dungeons Key Golem

You can enjoy the game alone or with your friends in multiplayer mode. Also, you can play with people all over the world, even though this game has a lot of cool things.

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Minecraft Dungeons Key Golem

The best thing about this game is the Minecraft Dungeons mobs there are different kinds of mobs that will be your enemy and some will be your friends, while some of them will just be neutral. In this article, we will talk about a neutral mob which is your Minecraft Dungeons Key golem.

What is Minecraft Dungeons Key Golem?

Key golem is one of the most important characters of the game, the Minecraft Dungeons key golem is a mob that will help you in the game. The key golem is not your ally and it’s not your enemy either, it’s totally harmless and it’s in the game for a reason which we will talk about in few.

The Minecraft Dungeons key golem is really cute and it’s sleeping all the time unless you wake him up, the mob looks really cute when it’s sleeping and because of the cute feature, he has gained amazing popularity. So yeah it will help you in the game but not willingly and you will have to use force to get access to his benefits.


What does Minecraft Dungeons Key Golem look like?

Minecraft Dungeons Key golem has a base color of gold, and his body is made in a square structure. As he is a key golem that is why he has a key on his head. His eyes are also made of square structure but his mouth is rectangular.

Key golem has no arms just legs which is also a reason he cannot attack or defend himself. So, in short, he’s super cute when you see him.

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What does Minecraft Dungeons Key Golem do?

Minecraft Dungeons Key Golem is sleep sleep occasionally
Minecraft Dungeons Key Golem is sleeping

Well to be honest not much but a lot at the same time, if you don’t have this mob in the game you will not go to the next level. The game has lots of doors and gates that you need to open to move on ahead in the game and all those gates can only be opened by the key golem.

So if you don’t have the Minecraft Dungeons Key Golem you cannot open any gate and cannot get ahead. It’s the mob that will be there on every level. 


How to make key golem open the door? 

Well, like I said it’s not your ally or your enemy, so If you think you will be able to make it open the door super easily without having any trouble then you are wrong.

The Minecraft Dungeons Key Golem will run away as he sees you or your friends, so you will have to catch him first once you catch him now it’s time for the kill. I know why kill such a cute character right? Can’t help it you gotta do what you gotta do, so yeah just kill the cute little key golem and then move ahead in the game.



So, like we read the key golem will be the most appearing mob and also the most important mob it will not hurt you or kill you, but it will run away when it sees you. Then you will need to catch it for opening doors or else you will be stuck at that level and won’t be able to clear it.

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