Minecraft Dungeons Hammer: We are just a month away from the amazing launch of the Minecraft dungeons. The game is going super well and the thing that makes us want to play this game more is probably the levels and the game type. The isometric theme type game makes us want some more of it.

Minecraft Dungeons Hammer

Minecraft Dungeons Hammer

No doubt that this game is going to change the Minecraft world forever, while there are many things in this game we are seeing. One of the most interesting things is its weapons, there this one particular weapon that looks cool and seen in the trailer as well, it’s the Minecraft Dungeons hammer.

So what is your Minecraft Dungeons hammer? What’s its role in the game? I bet you must want to know things like this, so don’t worry I will tell you all about this.


Minecraft Dungeons

Before I start talking about “Minecraft Dungeons hammer”, let’s see what exactly is the game about. The game revolves around a story of a villager that has been kicked out from its kin because of the way he looks.

In search of shelter, the villagers then find some temple where he discovers the Orb of dominance, that gives him amazing power to destroy everyone that comes in the way. With that power, he turns into the Arch-illager and controls all the villagers and mobs. So we have to defeat the Arch-illager while he’s destroying the people that are not supporting him.


Minecraft Dungeons hammer

Now, in the game, there are weapons that will help you kill the mobs easily. One that we are going to talk about is Minecraft Dungeons hammer aka the great hammer. This is one of the best weapons you will see, and it deals a lot of damage to its enemy. The Minecraft Dungeons hammer is the weapon that you will be able to get at the starting of the game and it will help you a lot in the multiplayer mode.


When we talk about the look and appearance of the Minecraft Dungeons hammer. It gives you that ancient war hammer that looks like its a Thor hammer. The hammer has a rectangular steel mallet that is attached to a stick.

The stick just looks like any other stick in the original Minecraft game. There is also a red color type of thing that looks like a strap that is also wrapped around the stick.



Minecraft Dungeons Hammer Damage

Minecraft Dungeons Hammer Damage

Talking about the damage of the Minecraft Dungeons hammer, it’s really great the damage rate is 20. Like we have seen in the trailer that when you attack with the great hammer it deals that damage in a wide range. So it’s basically a crowd controller weapon that will help you attack a lot of mobs together.



While it’s great for damaging other mobs easily in multiplayer mode when you have other two back you up. it’s not that great for single player mode as the speed of the weapon is rather slow in terms of attacking.

So you will not be able to attack as fast as other weapons like swords and daggers in the game. Which is a huge disadvantage when it comes to single-player mode as there is a huge possibility that other mobs will damage you.

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