Minecraft Dungeons is going to be out now, and currently, we are just waiting for the first-ever Minecraft dungeon game.  One thing is for sure that this game is going to be awesome and also quite hard to play. This Minecraft Dungeons Guide will help you to understand this new game in detail.

Minecraft Dungeons Guide

Minecraft Dungeons Guide

The game has lots of things in it that you should know before you start off to play it. Things like what kinds of environment you will find, the enemies you will face, etc. We will talk about all those things in this Minecraft Dungeons guide 2020 so let’s start.

Minecraft Dungeons Guide

In the guide, we will tell you how the games work and what you will see when you start playing this game. We will tell you all the information about the gameplay as well as the game environment. Finally, Minecraft Dungeons Release Date is announced by Mojang. It is going to be released on 26th May 2020.



The thing that you need to know about the player mode and the players is that when you start the game is that you will see 2 game modes one is singleplayer and the other one is your multiplayer mode.

In the multiplayer mode, you can play with your friends and people all over the world. The most person that can play together is 4 as seen in the game trailer. By reading this Minecraft Dungeons Guide you will know what this game is about.

Environment or Levels

The next thing you need to know is the environment of the levels, every level is made in a way that will be similar to the original gameplay of the Minecraft game. So every level you see will kind of look familiar.

Once this game is launched we will make a comprehensive Minecraft Dungeons Guide on how to play this game. The levels have their own difficulty levels if you play alone in single-player mode the game will be less difficult while playing on the multiplayer mode.

Weapon Types

In the game, you will find a lot of weapons that you can use and all the weapons you will find you can keep upgrading them as you get ahead in the game. There are swords, hammer, magic staff, etc. For all types of attacks so choose what suits you the best. Read more about Minecraft Dungeons Weapons.


The Minecraft Dungeons guide for Mobs is kind of long as in the game you will find a lot of mobs that will be your ally and you will find lots of mobs that will harm you. Arch-illager and Key Golem are one of the important mobs in the game.

The game will give you a wolf mob that will help you attack, while there will be other mobs like Redstone Monstricity, Ghost, Necromancer, etc. that will hurt you. So as you get ahead in the game you will see new mobs at every level. Read More about Minecraft Dungeons Mobs.

How can you get stronger?

When you will start to play the game you will see that whenever you kill some mobs and as you get ahead you will get gems and different kinds of things that will let you upgrade your weapons.

They’re also going to be things that will help you upgrade your armor and find new weapons and armor, so you need to work your way to get better at the game.


So basically as we read in the “Minecraft Dungeons guide” 2020, the game is all about teamwork and the best way to win this game will be by teamwork only and upgrade your armors and weapons. So that’s it for all the information about Minecraft dungeons.

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