Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay

Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay 2020

Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay 2020


Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay
Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay

Hello Minecraft Game lover, Here we are coming with a new game of Minecraft is Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay. Let’s know what is exactly Minecraft Dungeons. It is a full adventure online game inspired by classic dungeon crawlers. “Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay” is the new game mode on the base of Minecraft. This game is more likely to be a different experience than the classic Minecraft game where the players loved to play like block breaking, weapon crafting and fighting mobs.

You have to acquire new weapons and items continuously by defeating enemies in Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay. Now you are thinking about what types of enemies in the Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay? We are given full information in detail about enemies in the Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay.

Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay trailer was launched on 9th June 2019 at the official website of Minecraft. The developers have already stated that Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay will be a totally different game from the classic Minecraft game. Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay is inspired by the classic Dungeon crawler games to be found in the market. Minecraft Dungeons Release Date is announced by Mojang. It is going to be released on 26th May 2020

The game will not have any option of block-breaking or crafting weapons but all you have to do is fight mobs and collect weapons as you will progress in the game. The newest theme of the game is to you will be rewarded for playing adventures and exploring the game.


Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay Trailer


Let’s begin with the Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay

You can choose from four different avatars to play with. The four avatars are the wizard, the ninja, the tank and a soldier. The game allows roaming in all directions just like the Minecraft game. Here you can actually win a lot of loot items and some of them are Emeralds

Which Items can you collect in Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay?

  1. Currency – The Emeralds are the currency which you will collect while playing Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay. These Emeralds are used to buy weapons or upgrade any old item collected. It also unlocks many merchant boxes along in the game.
  2. Artifacts – Then the next you have are Artifacts. These are the weapons you can collect while playing. These stronger weapons allow you to do a lot of damage to the mobs moving in to attack you. You can collect only one type of Artifact at a time thus mostly these artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay indicate the Reserved Drop.  This means that there is plenty of items for everyone playing. 
  3. Potions – The next new item in Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay is the Potions. B These are consumable items that the players can drink and have an instant effect. Some give you power while others give you speed and defense.
  4. Totems – The Totems are basically those items that can do a number of things. These tiny objects are used for a number of things such as a Healing totem. This totem heals all the players nearby. Totem of  Shielding which creates a force field a protective bubble nearby. 
  5. Enchantments – This gives your weapons a whole new level of attack. Smiting – allows you to increase damage from the undead. Sharpness – increases the sharpness of the weapon you carry.  Echo – It boosts the ability to do continuous attacks without stopping. Fire Aspect – Ability to set mobs on fire for three seconds or more. Rampaging – increases your attack speed. Weakening – It gives you the ability to decrease the damage done by the mobs. You can carry a total of 12 enchantments. 

These items you have to collect in Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay.


What New Weapons & Armors do we get in Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay?

  1. Sword – It is the primary weapon used to do melee attacks.
  2. Hammer – Fairly known as the Great hammer in Minecraft dungeons gameplay is a powerful but heavy weapon. It slows down the attack speed of the user.
  3. Sickle –  A powerful weapon in the game and capable of doing a 360 angle attack.  It can be combined with many enchantments to increase its power.
  4. CrossBow – This weapon shoots arrows at the mobs.
  5. Staff- It is the weapon used to do magical attacks. It is capable of throwing lightning at the mobs.
  6. Dagger – These are another type of primary weapon which comes along with the user. In Minecraft dungeons gameplay you get to veil a dual dagger.
  7. Armors – Basically Armors are designed to increase Defense. The four armors that you get in Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay are the Red armor which gives the ability of damage boost while the blue boosts your speed.

These new weapons and armors will get in Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay.


What are the new mobs and their features in Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay?

  • The Enchanters these mobs give special power to the ordinary mobs like the spiders or the skeletons. These mobs do enchantment on them which increases their abilities to attack.
  • The Necromancers are the newest addition to Minecraft Dungeons gameplay as they have to ability to summon more Mobs! These tall mobs can bring in more creepers, skeletons, zombies, and spiders.
  • The Arch Illager is the antagonist of the game who summons all the mobs, bosses and mini-bosses in the game.
  • Silverfish– These are small mobs which are will be triggered if you hurt their eggs nearby.
  • The Skeleton Vanguards are the powerful mobs who use a custom-built shield. They use spade-like weapons to attack and are always guarding the dungeons which lead to treasures or mini-bosses.
  • Spiders are one of the oldest mobs carried forward in Minecraft Dungeons gameplay which has the ability to crawl on walls as well. They are black but the enchanted ones appear to be purple or violet in color. They throw single webs but when enchanted throw multiple webs that stick you to a spot for some time.

These new mobs will you see in Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay.


Some Rare objects Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay

  1. Golems – These new items are the specialty in the game. Firstly you have the Golden Key Golem which is seen many a time is the Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay trailer which is used to open up some special stages in the game. These Golems will disappear soon after the use.
  2. Redstone Monstrosity – This is the largest Golem- Mob in the game. It has three yellow eyes, made up of red stones and stone patches. It has several cracks on it. It will appear at some crucial stages. It has the ability to throw fireballs and heavy shockwaves.
  3. The Nameless One is the king of the undead. It has no legs but always floating on green smoke. It has the ability to summon both skeletons and Vanguard skeletons during an attack. It can also teleport from a place to another.

These are rare objects that will be there in Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay.

Some additional features in the game are you can join in a total of four players at the same stage at any level of the game. Many items are still undiscovered and new things are being added to the Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay.

I hope you understand Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay. For More information and guide about Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay, follow our blog Minecraft Dungeons.

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