A new Minecraft Dungeons DLC named ‘Howling Peaks’ was anniunced at Minecraft Live 2020. This DLC is set to release on December 9, 2020. This update will be available for the platforms, including PC, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. This DLC is designed to bring different sorts of content expansion to Minecraft Dungeons. Moreover, this DLC includes other gameplay features. 

If you are new to Minecraft Dungeons and missed the updates in Minecraft Live 2020, then we are here to help you. Here’s everything you need to know about Minecraft Dungeon’s Howling Peaks DLC.

Minecraft Dungeons DLC ‘Howling Peaks’: What’s new in this DLC

The December 9 update will be the third major update of Minecraft Dungeon since it’s release. Till today, Mojang has revealed several items that will be included in this update. According to Mojang, this DLC expansion will follow the previous updates, and it’ll consist of new enemies, loot items, new gears, new puzzles, and a new boss. Howling peaks DLC will be themed as mountains. It will have new wind-based areas and mobs. However, this will be the first DLC that is not included in the Hero Pass.

The addition of new mobs and levels will bring a unique gameplay experience for the players. Moreover, a new boss will be added named Tempest Golem. The strength of this boss is more than the previous bosses. Furthermore, it has several melee attacks and other powerful abilities.  

minecraft dungeons dlc

Tempest Golem

Talking about the mobs, the new mobs included in this DLC will be mobs like mountaineer, Golem, and Wind callers. These mobs can summon gusts of winds, giving falling damage to players by knocking them up in the air. 

Mojang has added better gears as rewards to the players on completing specific difficulties. However, the update will also bring 20 new difficulties to the game in despise. As with the previous DLCs, the howling peaks DLC will again come up with new animals like Wooly Cow and goats.

minecraft dungeons dlc

Added new gears

Minecraft Dungeons DLC ‘Howling Peaks’: Locations

Players will get to explore a new mountainous area after the howling peaks DLC update. In addition to this, you’ll have to encounter several wind-based enemies and boss in these mountains. This DLC will be as expanded as the Jungle Awakens and Creeping winter DLCs.

minecraft dungeons dlc

Mountain themed DLC

Minecraft Dungeons DLC ‘Howling Peaks’: How is it different from previous DLCs

The previous DLCs, Jungle Awakens, and Creeping Winter were included in the Hero Pass. In addition to this, the officials have confirmed that the next four DLCs(including the howling peaks) will come up with a new season pass. You get different options while purchasing the howling peaks DLC. Either you can buy it separately or buy the season pass, which will have this DLC included in it. Moreover, Mojang will also provide some discount on purchasing the season pass. However, buying the season pass will be a more logical choice because you can access other DLCs in the store after buying the pass. However, buying howling peaks separately will be more costly and will exclude the store benefits. 

That’s all we have got with the howling peaks update of Minecraft Dungeons DLC. We hope we were helpful. For more updates and news related to Minecraft Dungeons, Stay Tuned!


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