CREEPER WOODS…where the journey begins..!!

Creeper wood is one of the areas in MINECRAFT DUNGEONS Similar to jungle biome that appears at the start of your journey…full of hills, bridges, and rivers, with the full foggy and dim atmosphere. This makes it a perfect place to start your undiscovered journey.

Minecraft Dungeons Creeper Woods Secrets

Minecraft Dungeons Creeper Woods Secrets

What if I tell you…? ‘This place has some sort of secret involved in it?’

This place involves a mob polluted maze of twisted roots and branches. The challenge is to save those needy villagers from terrible destiny.

This place is scattered with 7 chests and 4 secrets.


Secret 1: The first of creeper woods secrets is that, To face this unexposed secret you’ll have to take the left-hand side path away from the objective which is involved in the game. At the end of the path you’ll uncover the invisible secret chest.

Secret 2: Continuing your journey along the main pathway you’ll have to take left-hand side trail still away from your main objective…you ’ll find a secret button over the taped up door…by pressing the button I’d reveal you to the creepy crypts secret level.

Secret 3: The third of Creeper Woods Secrets is,  After emerging the secret cave you’ll come across a left trail away from your targeted objective leading you to the wooden circle …walking towards it will reveal an insane golden chest!!

Secret 4: Over to the next point of the same trail you’ll spot one another chest concealed in the Centre of the woods.

Loots in creeper woods secrets

Loots in creeper woods secrets

CHESTS in Creeper Woods

Chest1: It can be found right inside the door from the secret 2. But to obtain it, you’ll have to face the fate of some enemies.

Chest2: This chest can be found in the right-side trail continuing the secret area!!

Chest3: You can find this chest right in the final point where you found the secret number 4.

Chest4: As you’ll continue your journey you’ll reach a prong with a long side trail off to the right side. Get to the endpoint for the trail you’ll notice a hidden chest under the large tree.

Chest5: Continuing the same path you’ll notice a golden chest at the top left end of the trail.

Chest6: You’ll notice this chest after passing the supply house in the cave filled with creepy spiders at the right-hand side. Here also you’ll find a treasure pig that won’t count towards the conclusion in.

Chest7: ‘THE FINAL SECRET CHEST’, You can find this chest in the open area at the top end of the far along area…after moving along that deathly spider cave in the crook of the next space before going off to the left-hand side!!

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This is the information available about Minecraft Dungeons Creeper Woods Secrets for now. So, what are you waiting for…hold up your controllers and start chest hunting in the secrets of the creeper woods… I hope that you’ll find one without the involvement of those eerie enemies.

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