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Minecraft Dungeons chills and Thrills seasonal event : Everything you need to know!


Minecraft Dungeons is an action role-playing game (ARPG), had been added various updates and features in the game since this game was launch, As far Minecraft Dungeons added Howling Peak DLC update, which brings very special features in the game. Howling Peak DLC added in the game as a part of their new Season Pass, which includes a ton of new in-game features like bug fixes, new mobs, etc. To get into the holiday spirit, Minecraft is now taking advantage of their “Trials” feature, which had been come in the previous update. This permits to increase map existing in the game now and changed with new advancements, challenges, missions, and more.

The Minecraft Dungeons Chills and Thrills is a seasonal event that will take advantage of the “Trials” with many new missions and challenges, exchanging the new exclusive rewards for you. This event is for celebrating Christmas with all Minecraft Dungeon players.

Minecraft Dungeons chills and thrills seasonal event : The Arctic Fox Armor.

minecraft dungeons chills and thrills

These Chill and Thrill events include a new type of armor called “Arctic Fox” armor with a group of many gears and items. The Chills and Thrills event will begin on 18 December 2020 and end on 30 December. You have only 12 days to earn all the rewards included in this event. So be excited for this new update because this update is going to be one of the most favorite seasonal events for all Minecraft Dungeon players.

Minecraft Dugeons Chills and Thrills: The Frost Slayer

Apart from Arctic Fox, Minecraft dungeons chills and thrills seasonal event will also introduce two other items to the game: the frost slayer and the shivering bow. The frost slayer is a melee weapon and acts as the broadsword. This sword has 11589-20602 melee damage.

minecraft dungeons chills and thrills


Minecraft Dugeons Chills and Thrills: The Shivering Bow.

On the other hand, the shivering bow acts like other bows and it mainly reduces  the speed( by steaing) of the target.

minecraft dungeons chills and thrills


That’s all we’ve got with the new Minecraft dungeons chills and thrills seasonal event. Keep in mind that it is a time limited event, so make to sure to grab these rewards before the event ends.

We hope this article guided you well. For more Minecraft related news and updates, Stay Tuned.

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