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Minecraft has released a new game beta version it’s called the Minecraft Dungeons Beta. It’s a super great game and finally, it’s here for everyone, if you have read our previous article about early access and signed up you would already have the beta version notification.

If you have not till now or if you are new to the Minecraft Dungeons game don’t worry I will in this article cover all the points about Minecraft Dungeons Beta. We will talk about the game, I will tell you little basic things so you don’t have a lot of spoilers and I will also tell you how to get the Minecraft Dungeons beta.

Minecraft Dungeons Beta

So we all knew that Mojang was about to release the game this year and currently before the actual full game he has released the beta version of its game. It’s not even 2 days and the Minecraft Dungeons beta is going super famous in the whole Minecraft community. So let me tell you a few things that you can expect to see and things that will happen to you at the start.

Minecraft Dungeons Beta
Minecraft Dungeons Beta


So the game of Minecraft Dungeons beta revolves around a cinematic story about the Arch-illager who is trying to get revenge and rule the world. At the start of the game, you will see the story and then it will end by saying that it’s time for heroes like yourself to stand and fight. So I won’t tell you the whole thing as it would be better and more fun if you see it by yourself.



When you enter the game of Minecraft Dungeons beta, on your first level you will see a lot of stuff and there will be many tips that you will get. So when you first start there will be a sword and a bow given to you from the start as your basic weapon. You can’t use your bow as you won’t be given any arrow and you have to collect them later. 

There are some basic functions that you need to know before you start your game.

  • Shift- to toggle or run
  • Space- to duck and roll
  • Left-click- to use a sword or main weapon
  • Right-click- to use bow and arrow or secondary weapon
  • W- walk ahead
  • A- walk left
  • S- walk back
  • D- walk right
  • E- for getting health
  • M- opening map

So these are some basic functions of the game Minecraft Dungeons Beta, when you play the game you will get to know many more functions. Now back to the game.

So after you start you will see some objectives which you have to clear to get to the next level. There will be mobs attacking you in the way and at the end of the first level, you will see the Arch-illager summon an ambush which you have to survive to get ahead.

In every level, you will see some chest in which there are many weapons and armors are hidden that you can collect and use. After clearing every level you will level up and will be able to use some kind of enchantments that will give you some special powers.

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Download Minecraft Dungeons beta

To get your own Minecraft Dungeons beta, you just need to follow some very easy things. You need to go to the official Minecraft dungeons site and sign up for the game. When you get into the page of Minecraft dungeons you will see an option for signing in and just use your Microsoft account and sign up to the game and get it for yourself too. The link will be given below so just click and get it for yourself.

Minecraft Dungeons | Sign Up for Updates

Also, many players signed up for closed Beta of Minecraft Dungeons. The Lucky participants from that are now receiving further instructions about this Minecraft Dungeons Game. here is a tweet from Official Minecraft Dungeons.



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  1. This game is so cool! The ideas with the levels and the grafik ist so nice! Well this game is the best game that i´ve ever seen 😀


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