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Minecraft Bedrock Update adds new powder snow features.

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Minecraft Bedrock Edition has launched a new beta update. But this time around its Beta, which proceeds with Minecraft in a new pattern of testing a modest bunch of highlights from the impending Caves and Cliffs Update by utilizing a “test highlight”. The present beta has the standard bug fixes and specialized changes, yet besides, incorporates a lot of changes to powder day off, was included the beta some time back.

The new update of Cave and Cliffs, which is planned for launch in any month of summer 2021 hasn’t started testing in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition yet. Nonetheless, players can at present go into the future by the beta mode of Minecraft Bedrock Edition by following our guide on joining the Minecraft Bedrock Edition beta and investigate goats and powder day off.

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Minecraft Bedrock Update of Cave and Cliffs:-
Powdered Snow

  • The block of Powder Snow now can throwback particles when any of the entity is landing on it, or moving inside it.
  • Freezing effect had been removed from the game if the player or any mob has caught fire already.
  • Redstone block, Redstone torches, torches, item frames and Redstone dust, now can’t be placed on powdered snow block.
  • Any mob or entity sunken in the block of powdered snow can easily navigate through it.
  • A freezing effect slowly applied on any player or mob who are inside in the block of powdered snow block.

• Using leather boots now allows players to walk or stand on the powdered snow block.

• Goats are very smart as they can ignore powdered snow block to walk on them.
• The powdered snow block has its own smooth soothing sound effect on interaction.
• The powdered snow block can’t stop projectiles now in Bedrock Edition.
• No fall damage occurs if you have fallen on a powdered snow block.
• A bucket can be used to pick up powdered snow block.
• Powdered Snow block has a different texture and not the same as the snow block.

• Lightweight mobs like spiders, dogs, cats, foxes and rabbit can navigate and stand on the powdered snow block.
• You can’t pick a powdered snow block from inventory in creative mode.
• Mobs spawned in the powdered snow block do not have any risk to get spawned underground.
• In survival mode, players can switch to damage on and off from the freezing of powdered snow block using a command e.g. /gamerule freezing damage false.
• Mobs or Entities on fire can be calm their fire by standing on a block of powdered snow.
• No gravity block will break it fallen on a powdered snow block.
• Entities can navigate through powdered snow block but their speed is reduced in the block.• Leather boots make it an easy source to travel on powdered snow block.
• Rabbits, endermites and silverfishes don’t get fallen from the powdered snow block.
• It is now possible to specify which blocks should an entity avoid.


Minecraft Bedrock
• Added the documentation of fog in the Bedrock Edition.
• Added a new “fogs” folder in the resource pack template.

Minecraft Bedrock Update | Bug Fixes

Neither Ambient Sounds

•Now mobile players can also take the experience of the game with neither ambient sound effects.
•Make sure you first update the Minecraft Music pack from the marketplace.


• There is a new coloured Hotbar text when you hold an enchanted apple or golden apple in your hand.
• Now all world created with the same seed in default and the chests are same and the whole world is the same.
• Dual chests at chunk borders do not become partially invisible and the title will not get crashed when opened.

Technical Changes

• Added some new slash command like /clone, /setblock and, /fill to pass in a list of blocks states to set on the block which is spawned.
• Changed the ‘Rideable Component’ property for rotater_rider_by for the mobs spawned or programmed by you.


• Now you can use F11 keyboard button to switch between full-screen mode and half screen mode.
• Added a new type of logic in all the mobs of dismounting any rideable like minecarts and boats.
• Failures of Microsoft sign-in games now have more helpful messages and error codes according to the problems.
• Shulker boxes now cannot lose their inventory items when undyed in any cauldrons.
• Now players cannot dismount in liquids like the water and lava from the rideable such as the boats and minecarts.

That’s all we’ve got with the Minecraft Bedrock Update For more Minecraft news and updates, Stay Tuned!

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