Mojang Studios,” the developer of Minecraft Franchise, has released a new update of Minecraft Bedrock Edition with tons of new features. The RenderDragon new graphic engine is available for all windows 10 users. This engine is on the verge to run on mobile devices also. Basically, the RenderDragon Engine will optimize the ray-tracing, improves performance, and enables a new feature called “physical-based rendering.”

Ray Tracing For Windows 10 

Mojang added a ray-tracing function on the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Players with Xbox Gaming Pass can play this Minecraft Bedrock version if they have subscriptions. New block textures like bump maps, normal maps, metallic surfaces, and light emission, are now applied.


New Volume setting

Players can now adjust volume as their wish. This includes reducing the voice of cave voices of zombies and the annoying weather sound effects.

New VR support for windows 10 Edition

An open-source API has been added to the windows 10 Edition that will support Windows and VR Oculus. You can open the VR version from their respective store.

Bug Fixes


• If you own the Founder’s Cape, you can see it one more time within in capes of the dressing room’s tab.

• Fixed the issue of players hand bobbing, but the view bouncing is disabled 

• Now glowsticks can not use as a placed holder in Educational Mode.

• No compass will now be consumed while using it on a lodestone in creative mode.


• Now villagers can not steal their workstations from each other.

• Updated the texture of Zombified Piglin to remove the flickering of loincloth.

• Now, Mobs can not spawn on the wither roses.

• Fixed mobs freezing and getting desynced with their bodies.

• No one mob will randomly stepback or stop attacking you and follow their enemies.

• Now, you can see bees only at bee-hives or at bee nests.

• Piglins that are very close to each other cannot pick up the same item if dropped by you.

Performance and stability:- 

• Fixed crashes that could sometimes happen when moving the world.

• Increased the speed of rendering of chunks when you fly with an elytra.

• Fixed the crashes when opening a local game world.

• Fixed issue on mobile devices in which audio loses when you suspend and then resume the game.

• Fixed a crash that happens when a player enters a portal like End portal or Neither or the collision when you change your game mode from survival to creative.


• Resources packs and texture packs are refreshed correctly whenever you restart or reopen the game.minecraft bedrock edition

That’s all we’ve got with the latest update of Minecraft Bedrock Edition. We hope we were helpful. And yes, we tried something different from Minecraft Dungeons this time. Do let us know about it.

At last, for more Minecraft updates, Stay Tuned!


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