how to get jhonny silver's pistol in cyberpunk

How to get Johnny Silverhand’s pistol in Cyberpunk 2077

How to get Johnny Silverhand's pistol in Cyberpunk

The Johnny Silverhand’s pistol is you desire in Cyberpunk right?
What will I say that you can find Jhonny Silverhand’s pistol hidden on your side missions? Seems interesting right? That means we have taken your attention!
Stint you are maybe not able to reload the gun in the stylish manner that the Jhonny does, but you can take out the Johnny Silverhand’s pistol in your mission in a simple manner, let’s have a look.

This mentor will help you to unlock Johnny Silverhand’s pistol also with some missable items you can find in your side missions like Johnny’s jacket and car. Johnny’s car and jacket. This is not so difficult to find these if you once know where and how to find them. Wonderinh How to get Johnny Silverhand’s pistol in Cyberpunk, here’s a complete guide to help you out.


To get the johnny’s pistol you need to go for the side job ‘Chippin In’ in the ability to get the Johnny Pistol. To unlock Chippin In mission, you need to complete another side-job ‘Tapeworm’, in the way of talking with Johnny at various points in your game storyline. You need to complete it as with your main job of ‘Search and Destroy’.

Next for meeting with the Weyland and Rogue across the Afterlife, you need to go for the shipyard as regards to the northern end of Northside. You have to find a personal computer in the centre of the camp of Maelstrom.

Discover the PC while avoiding/overcoming adversaries, contingent upon how you’ve designed your Cyberpunk 2077 develops to this point, and you’ll discover a message about Ebunike. Advance up the flight of stairs to the deck of the boat. Here you’ll discover a few watchmen and Grayson.

How to get Johnny Silverhand's pistol in Cyberpunk

After conquering from Grayson, you will cuff the Malorian Arms 3516 from him, it’s Johnny’s pistol.

Also as a side note, you will be given a choice: whether the Grayson live or just say goodbye to christ forever, but if you leave Grayson to live so he will offer you a car’s key which is the key of Johnny’s car Porsche, it is one of the best cars in Cyberpunk 2077. You can unlock this car only for one time your mistake can lead to loss of this car so do not miss it out.

You’ll at that point need to head to the following area near the oil fields. This is Johnny’s grave and a ton is riding not just on what you choose Johnny’s memorial should be, yet also on your reactions to Johnny all through the game. In case you’re companions with Johnny, and you pick “the person who saved my life”, at that point you’ll open the side employment ‘Rankling Love’ – its finishing is fundamental for opening one of the Cyberpunk 2077 endings.

How to get Johnny Silverhand's pistol in Cyberpunk

Stats of Malorian Arms 3516

Jhonny’s pistol or Malorian Arms 3516 is the most powerful gun in the Cyberpunk 2077. It is also classified as Power Pistol, means it just a standard pistol and easy to use but powerful as a beast. Sometimes the bullets of this gun can emit flames to burn the target. Some basic Stats of Jonny’s Pistol:-

Damage each second:- 120-145
Attack each second:- 2.22
weight:- 4.3
Value (Maelstorm):- 693
Thermal Damage:- +84 -102
Mod Slots:- 4
DPS:- 294.9
Perk or. Power:- Bullets of this gun can bounce-back your bullets.
Damage Multiplier for Headshots:-1.20

What’s more, that is all you require to think about getting Johnny Silverhand’s gun in Cyberpunk 2077. There’s an entire pack of shrouded things all through the game, including the dildo weapon and the Mantis Blades. Hell, you could even search for every one of the 17 of the cyberpunk sightings, utilizing Johnny’s gun to take on these abundance chases.

That’s all we’ve got with How to get Johnny Silverhand’s pistol in Cyberpunk. We hope this article was helpful. You can also checkout the unable to save game error sultion here.

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