Fix: Cyberpunk 2077 Unable to save game due to save file limit

Cyberpunk 2077 has been neck-somewhere down in glitch reports from clients since its launch on December 10. The game dispatched to very glitchy interactivity on past age of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The developers have dispatched two minor updates to fix the glitches, also called hotfixes – 1.04 and 1.05 for the game since its dispatched on December 10.

As the information released on the CD Project forums and Reddit, Cyberpunk 2077 has an 8-megabyte size capable of .sav files. The players whose game save file exceeds the 8-megabyte size are shown a piece of information that assumes that your saved file has been damaged and can’t be recovered now. 

Why the game size increase, and how to fix it?

The saved game file will increase if a player picked up so many crafting materials and other game items. But the main exasperate problem for the gamers is that the game is fully packed with looting items and others and the game graphics are so high that the exceeding size of 8MB is too low. 

The game developers had also reported this on the support page of CD Projekt Red’s official website, and they also mentioned that if your saved file is damaged, it can’t be recovered later. If you want to avoid this, you need to pick-up fewer items in the game or use an older game saved file to continue your happy gaming. 

The developers also said that “If you are using the item duplication method to save your game you need to load that save file which does not affect by it.” The developers also added a statement in their retaliation to increase the game save file size in future patches. 


That’s all we’ve got with fixing the bug in Cyberpunk2077. We have tried writing on Cyberpunk 2077 for the first time. We’ll be providing more news, updates and bug fixes related to Cyberpuk 2077 from now. More more updates, Stay Tuned!

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