Just after one day of release we are getting a lot of queries and doubts related to the game. One of that is, ” Can You Drop items in Minecraft Dungeons? ” Minecraft dungeons is released on 26th May 2020. It is now available to play on Windows, Nintendo, Xbox, and PS4.  We all know that Minecraft Dungeons is a very different game that original Minecraft. it is a more adventurous and action game.

Can You Drop Items in Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons game is filled with chests and loots in that. In this action-packed game you are going to encounter lots of enemies, Mobs. There are many gears available in the game which can be used to kill dangerous mobs. The whole purpose of the game is to kill all enemies and reach your destination. You will get many items in Minecraft, most of those are gears and weapons. But Can You Drop Items in Minecraft Dungeons?

This question is very important because Minecraft Dungeons is a multiplayer game, it allows four players to play at a time. For such multiplayer games it is good to have Item dropping feature, So that other players can pick the items that you have dropped.

Can you drop items in Minecraft Dungeons

Can you drop items in Minecraft Dungeons

But Unfortunately, You can not drop items in Minecraft Dungeons. Yes, you heard it right. Minecraft Dungeons does not have a feature to drop items. It is somewhat surprising because most of the action multiplayer games provide this feature. 

Why Minecraft Dungeons should have Item Drop and Trade Feature?

In this Minecraft Dungeons multiplayer game, you have to complete levels by killing mobs with your co-players. You can play multiplayer games with four players. In that situation One of the players can face a deficiency of having good gears and weapons. Because of that, the player may not be able to defend himself and may get killed by enemy mobs.

killing Enemy Mobs

killing Enemy Mobs

So in this case, if other players have extra items in their inventory, then they can give it to the player who needs that using Item drop feature. But In Minecraft Dungeons you can not drop items therefore player may not get the required item or gear and because of that he may die in the game.

items in inventory

items in inventory

Item Drop feature may get added in the game in future. But for the answer to ” Can you drop items in Minecraft Dungeons?” is NO. 

No need to worry. There are plenty of ways to get items and gear in the game.  Most common are  Chests and Secretes. When you roam in Minecraft Dungeons you will get lot of chest with wonderful loot inside. So keep playing the game and ask your doubts in the comment section.

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